Heart of India - Madhya Pradesh

Known as the Heart of India because of its location in central India, Madhya Pradesh has abundance of rich cultural heritage. Three places in this incredible State have been declared by UNESCO as world heritage sites.They are the Buddhist monuments in Sanchi, the Khajuraho group of temples and the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka. Apart from this, Madhya Pradesh has a unique mix of large plateaus, vast dense forest offering a number of National Parks and meandering rivers. Numerous forts, places, exquisite carved temples, and stupas are scattered all over the State.
The unspoilt and the undiscovered natural beauty of Madhya Pradesh varies and spreads across the state. Straddling on the Narmada River, which runs between the Vindhyas and the Satpuras ranges. The State has huge lakes and waterfalls cascading down from the hills. There are indications that Madhya Pradesh may has been inhabited five hundred thousands of years ago. The Hominid fossils found across the land. Madhya Pradesh is very well known for its folk and Hindustani classical music. Singers Tansen and Baiju Bawra of medieval India, were born in Gwalior. Apart from this it also boasts of many forms of Folk dances and music. Till recently, Madhya Pradesh has mainly remained unexplored by tourists. It has opened up to the influx of tourists now and showcases the hidden treasures, giving the travelles an opportunity to discover them.

Madhya Pradesh is home to several National Parks, Following are the most popular ones


Madhya Pradesh boasts of some beautiful cascading waterfalls, the Giant waterfall and the Apsara falls as the well-known ones.The Giant or the Dhuandhar Falls is located on the Narmada River, in Jabalpur. The plunge of the waterfall is so powerful that its roar is heard from a far distance and creates a bouncing mass of mist.The Apsara Fall in Panchmari, is a tiny fall which creates a natural bathing pool. The bathing pool is known as a Fairy Pool and is a highly recommended place for families with children. Many cities in Madhya Pradesh are extraordinary for their architecture and or scenic beauty and the following sites in Madhya Pradesh have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO:

World Heritage Sites by UNESCO

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