Summers of India are infamous all over the world. The hot blowing winds and dust in addition to the pollution makes everyone look forward to some respite from mother Earth’s fury. Trip to any picturesque location specially a hill station is very welcoming and the only solution during this season. Get mesmerized at the various hill stations of India watching waterfalls, lush green mountains, rumbling mountain rivers, snow covered glaciers and more during summer vacation in India. Visit wildlife reserves, lustrous green hill stations, white sandy beaches, indulge in massage rejuvenation therapies, enjoy the local cuisines to have a fun filled summer holidays in India.

With holidays declared during summer in most parts, we have a list of best summer holiday destinations in India that are a must visit with family or friends during the summer months from March to May.

Best summer destinations in India

Calm serene surroundings with a bewitching white mountainous terrain and only the sound of thousands flags raffling on the chilly breeze. Land of Lamas, Leh has many attractions that a tourist will rarely find anywhere else in the world. Tourists to Leh will see many colourful prayer flags fluttering everywhere, huge mountains walling the city from chilling winds covered in white sand, mud brick houses resounding of ritualistic chants, lakes, yaks and monastries. A spiritual experience along with a memory to last a life time is what visitors get here. Enjoy a blissful soul awakening experience with your family and friends on a visit to Leh.

Also called Heaven on Earth, Kashmir is where nature can be found in its natural form. A rich topography, history and cultural heritage, Srinagar is one holiday destination that is a must visit. Lakes, shikaras, gardens, valleys and much more are available for sightseeing. Adventure activities such as snow skiing, trekking, water rafting and paragliding are also available here. Music, local crafts, dance, folklore, clothing and food available in Srinagar are equally captivating.

A beautiful hill-station in Kerala, Munnar offers its visitors with a breath-taking view of vast tea plantations and lakes. Processing of fresh tea plucked right from the garden is shown to guests. Furthermore, freshly brewed tea is offered for tasting. Paragliding, rock climbing and trekking to Anaimudi hill is a perfect sporting programme for adventure lovers. Nature lovers can also go on a tour of wildlife National Parks of the area and watch some of the exotic rare habitats and species found here.

Located on the picturesque wooded southern zone of the Palani Hills, Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Almost 7,000 feet above sea level, Kodaikanal a popular scenic resort town is a delight for nature lovers. The peaceful slopes, mysterious pretty flowers, pine trees and the famed grizzled giant squirrels are a sight worth marvelling.

Known as the summer capital during the pre-independence era of India, Shimla still retains its old world charm. Colonial history can be re-lived with the many splendid age old structures and monuments. From evening walk on Mall road, visiting Hanuman Temple, toy train ride, horse riding and sightseeing, Shimla is a place ideal for summer vacation. There are quaint little cafes and luxurious hotels here to welcome all kinds of visitors.

Situated in the Western Ghats of southwestern part of Karnataka, Coorg also known as Kodagu is a place for nature and adventure lovers alike. The most pleasing fact about Coorg is that this place is the exact replica as shown in the postcards. Waterfalls, green paddy fields, coffee and tea plantations, spice farms, forest of bamboo, rosewood and sandalwood and green covered hills are nature’s wonders that a visitor will get to witness here. The local cuisine of Coorg is also very distinct and a must try for travellers.