Hot-Air Ballooning Festival in Karnataka

When :Dec 2016 To Jan 2017.
Venue :Karnataka, India

Hot-air balloon festival/ aero sport India/ adventure sport/ ballooning tour India. You must have heard about a festival of flying, but what it is? Yes. It is Hot air ballooning,which is organized in the big form as a huge celebration called Hot air ballooning festival. Counted as one of the best adventure sports in India, it is on its way to become famous day by day. Needless to express the matchless joy and adventure people experience during this thrilling sport of hot-air ballooning.

Hot Air Ballon Festival

Free from all flying above in the sky in a big bucket with the colourful balloon which takes you high, and you swing with the wind, screaming in sheer delight. Now turn to Karnataka where Hot-air Ballooning festival takes place in the three cities at the same time; Hampi, Mysore and Bidar. It is aimed to develop an interest in adventure sports among the youth. This is a four days long event which is largely visited and participated by the people of India and overseas who are about to fly here to witness this famous aero sport in India. Its grandness can be imagined as it is being organized in different places as a mega event. And if the celebration is large so its significance increases similarly, In order to give the opening to the adventure sport in Karnataka it is first initiative made by Karnataka tourism Department by organizing the Hot Air Ballooning festival.Sightseeing in Humpi: While you think of ballooning tour to India you can also try south India tour, and the sightseeing to the Humpi, which is a beautiful world heritage site too. Visit more than hundred historical monuments in Humpi like ancient temples and forts.

"All you need to do is relax, enjoy and experience the Incredible India."

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