International Kite Festival

When :07th and 15th January 2017
Location :Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The chilling and freezing month of January brings along one of the most beautiful and celebrated carnival of Makar Sankranti for Hindus living in India and across the seven seas. Popularly known as the festival of Makar Sankranti, the name of this celebration differs from state to state and in Gujarat, it is widely known as Uttarayan. Sweet chikkis, spicy Undhiyu and colourful kites floating in the sky, go on adorning the beauty of this vibrant and special festival of winters. The kite festivals in India get a kick start after this!

International Kite Festival

Uttarayan in Gujarat

Gujarat is the magical land of vibrant cultures and traditions, where the two day long Uttarayan festival beholds great relevance for Gujarati people. Hindu calendar marks this day as the turning point from where the winter season gets into the summer robe. Festivity and happiness automatically mix up in the air and the entire state gets thickly covered with picturesque canopy of big and small kites. These splashy kites cover a long journey beginning from the land to touch that crystal clear sky.

Mass production of kites in the local homes of Gujarat starts taking place months before the arrival of Uttarayan. People get meticulously engaged in preparing strong and buoyant kite frames using flexible bamboo and good quality kite- paper, the two most important aspects that make a kite float freely with flow of the wind. The entire market place is filled with shops selling kites and only kites to the buyers. The famous Patang Bazaar of Ahmedabad remains open for 24 hours during the entire festive week and people come to purchase kites in bulk quantity that are available at very reasonable prices here!

On the day of Uttarayan, terraces are found to be filled with people and the sky with colourful kites, flying high. Kite flying competitions are held, jalebi and chikki is served to the crowd, regional dishes are prepared, and people come together to jubilate the majestic colours of this joyous festival.

About International Kite Festival, Ahemdabad

On the occasion of Uttarayan, kites are flown in every part of Gujarat and many kite flying competitions are organized throughout the state. Out of all the events and competitions like these, the most popular one is the International Kite Festival, India that takes place in Ahemdabad, also known as the ‘Kite Capital of Gujarat’. For participating and becoming part of such a grand event, people from national and international places specially come to Ahemdabad and experience the charm of this majestic event.

Thousands of competitors participate in kites’ festival in Gujarat and cut down the kite strings of rival participants. The splendid view of kites flying high above, people enjoying, and happiness scattered all around the city is what makes International Kite Festival the most awaited festival of the year!

Places of Interest in Ahemdabad

1. Vastrapur Lake
2. Parimal Garden
3. Akshardham Temple
4. Sabarmati Ashram
5. Manek Chowk
6. Jama Mosque

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