Badrinath Yatra

Kapat Open - 16th May 2013
Kapat Closed - 3rd Nov 2013

Badrinath is a holy town for the Hindus situated in the Chamoli district of the state of Uttarakhand. The Badrinath shrine is one of the four most important sites in India's Char Dham pilgrimage for the Hindu community. Badrinath is located in the Garhwal hills, on the banks of the Alaknanda River. The town is situated between the Nar and Narayana mountain ranges and is located 301 km north of Rishikesh. From Gaurikund, the distance of Badrinath by road is 233 km.Badrinath was established as a significant Hindu pilgrimage centre by Adi Shankaracharya in the 9th century. In recent years, the popularity of this holy place has increased considerably, with an estimated one million devotees visiting the place annually.

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Vasudhara Falls, Badrinath

Vasudhara falls is a natural fall situated near the holy town of Badrinath in the state of Uttarakhand in India. Vasudhara falls is an enchanting place with free flowing water coming down from a height of around 450 feet. This is a truly amazing sight for visitors. Apart from this natural beauty, Vasudhara Falls also has an interesting legend associated with it. It is believed that the water fall turns away from people who are not pure at heart and carry sinful thoughts or feelings. It is a 5 km trek from Mana village which is around 4 kilometers from Badrinath. Mana is the last Indian village in this region. Mana can be reached by road from Badrinath. The trek is a stoned path and is a very good experience for trekking enthusiasts. Vasudhara falls is a beautiful and peaceful place which rejuvenates one's body and soul.

Brahma Kapal, Badrinath

Brahma kapal is a place in Badrinath which is of great importance for Hindus as here they pay homage to the dead souls of their ancestors. It is a flat platform on the bank of river Alaknanda which is around two kilometers far from the hills of Badrinath. It is said that Lord Brahma himself exists at this place and thus if someone does Rituals and Shraddha Karm for the departed souls of his family they get salvation from the cycle of birth and death one after another. It is a mythical belief that during a fight between Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma Brahma's head fell down at this place and since then this place is called Brahma Kapal. There are some beautiful places of great historical importance situated near to this Place. Charanpaduka which is a rock having the foot marks of lord Vishnu and Sheshnetra are some of them.

The Temple Complex, Badrinath

The main temple complex is the most popular attraction of Badrinath. This temple holds great importance for millions of Hindus and people come to visit this shrine not just from India but all over the world. The temple is situated at a height of around 3000 meters above sea level and is great and very pious place for pilgrims and is considered a must visit place for every Hindu at least once in his / her lifetime. It is known as the temple of Shri Badrinath and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple complex is around 15 meters high. The main temple has three parts and the Garbha Griha holds the deity of Lord Vishnu. Darshan Mandap and the Shobha Mandap are the other two major parts of the main temple which also has another shrine dedicated to goddess Lakshmi. The temple is closed during winters and is open to devotees during the summer season (April to September)

Mana, Badrinath

Charanpaduka is a beautiful Rock which contains the foot prints of Lord Vishnu. This rock is in Badrinath and people who visit Brahmakapal always visit this place for its great historical and religious importance. This rock is at a height of around 3000 feet and after reaching at such a height it offers a beautiful view of nature's enchanting beauty and eternal peace. To reach this place one has to climb through a narrow path which is quite risky and a tough task indeed but the desire to have the Darshan of the holy footprints of Lord Vishnu eases all the tiredness from the devotees. It is said that lord Vishnu stepped first on earth from this point. In holy Bhagwat Gita it is said that Lord Sri Krishna asked Uddhav who was his minister and friend too, to go to Badrinath with his Charanpaduka and said that the first Darshan of River Alaknanda itself will wash off all his wrongdoing.