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India, the seventh largest country, is a model of diverse cultural as well as natural miscellany. India is known to have multiple cultures when it comes to its traditions, religions, languages, food, and dress-style. Few people know that India is also the land of varied climates and landforms. Here, one can experience all forms of the weather, be it chilly winters, hot summer winds, snowfall, beautiful spring, or tropical rains. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of numerous hill stations and rivers, take cable rides to snow covered mountains or a camel safari in the Great Indian Desert, explore its varied flora and fauna that can be found in many wildlife sanctuaries, spend the day at mesmerising north Indian lakes or serene south Indian beaches, or visit farms and lush green plantations of the country through Holiday India Tours.

The country is rich in everything, and especially its hospitality. India is a place of humanity, and togetherness is celebrated widely here. India has 29 states, and seven Union territories. The best thing about India is that movement inside the country is almost freely allowed, even to visitors. India is the place where one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is situated. Besides culture and nature, India is rich in architectural heritage as well. Palaces, forts, gardens, historical monuments, malls, temples and caves in India can all be viewed with awe for the amazing artistry found in them. Indians are also very famous for being creative people who use arts and crafts as a part of their daily lives as well as for earning their livelihood. This makes India one of the best places to buy souvenirs, ethnic clothes, accessories, and much more.

Though a greater part of India is still rural, urbanisation has spread fast and modern facilities, good roads, top shopping brands in malls, and high state of the art hotels are easily available at most major cities and frequently visited places. Tourists can enjoy a trip to India with our Holiday India Packages which can take them to a tour of the best to be seen in the country. India can be visited for the richness of its Royal traditions, state of the art monuments and temples, exquisite flora and fauna, or to get a taste of its various cuisines of exotic gravies and mouth-watering street foods.

India is also famous for dramatic Bollywood films, diverse forms of classical dances and folk music. Festivals and fairs are common in the country and are celebrated with zeal. One of the most attractive things that India can offer to its tourists is its knowledge of Ayurveda which is known to treat diseases naturally. Yoga, now globally practised, is the art of exercise that was developed in India many centuries ago. Tourists come to India to get in touch with their spiritual side through yoga and ayurveda. The geographically beautiful, culturally advanced country provides a range of tourism opportunities that can be enjoyed through Holiday India Tour Packages.


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