Mamallapuram Dance Festival

When :21st Jan 2017
Location :Tamil Nadu

Located in the Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu, the town called Mamallapuram holds great significance as an old historic city, which was once also identified as Mahabalipuram. Reaching this town is a sweet little affair of travelling only 60 km in the south direction from Chennai. It is believed to be a very lively and active harbor during the period of Ptolemy and Periplus and traders used to sail to South East Asian countries through Mahabalipuram seaport.

The tropical climate, places of historic importance, rock carvings, monolithic structures, and the world famous Shore Temple of Mamallapuram send open invites to the tourists and visitors coming from far off places and lands around the globe. The sheer magnificence of the Pallavas’ port city is worth exploring and capturing as a lifetime souvenir!

Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Mamallapuram Dance Festival Celebration

To celebrate the legacy of classical dance, music and art forms that India has been abundantly blessed with, Mamallapuram comes up with Mamallapuram Dance Festival once a year. Artists from different parts of the country come together to attend the festival and pay a reverend tribute to the Indian classical dance forms like Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Odissi, Kathakali, etc., through their performances. The Department of Tourism, Tamil Nadu, annually conducts this grand dance fest that receives a heterogeneous audience coming from different countries and states.

Mamallapuram Dance Festival turns fills up the entire aura with merriness and celebration of classical dance and music. The zeal and passion to give the best performance ever can be clearly seen on the face of the artists that are performing on the stage and the mystic view of Arjuna's penance in the background simply adds on more and more charm to the entire view. Caching the glimpse of the splendid colours of Mamallapuram festival is once in a lifetime experience that one must grab!

Mamallapuram becomes a hot shot destination during the festival and remains crowded with people who admire the beauty of Indian classical dance forms. Holidaying in Tamil Nadu is simply incomplete without attending the majestic colours of the dance festival!

Places of interest in and around Mamallapuram:

1. Shore Temple
2. Pancha Rathas
3. Tiger Cave
4. Varaha Cave Temple
5. Arjuna's Penance
6. Descent Of The Ganges
7. Krishna’s Butterball
8. Thirukadalmallai

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