Lohri Festival

Lohri is basically known as a famous Punjabi festival, and listed among one of the great Indian festivals. It is called Punjabi festival because it born in the state of Punjab. Besides Punjab, in Haryana and Himachal it is a welcoming event for the starting of spring and farewell time for winter. Lohri Celebration - Lohri festival not only celebrated in these three states, but this fantastic event is organized everywhere in North India. A grand Bonfire encircled by the group of folks dancing and singing marry-making Lohri song. People in huge groups gather in a large open field around the Bonfire. The newly-wed couples walk around the Bonfire and lay down Revadi, Peanuts and popcorn. To fire up the Lohri eve people dance on the tunes of Bhangra Music with all the musical instruments like Dhol, manjeera. This fantastic Punjabi Festival Lohri indeed fills millions of energetic vibes.

Lohri Festival

Folklore about Lohri - As an interesting tradition the little kids in Punjab in the morning goes door to door singing Lohri song in the praise of Dullha Batti(An Indian Robin Hood) who used to rob the money from wealthy people and would distribute among poor.

Traditional Sweets - To this very unique festival the sweets are equally unique and have a story to tell. Kheer (Rice-Milk Pudding), Revadi (made of Sugarcane Juice), Popcorn and peanuts are the famous and only sweets to sweeten the love among all. Also these sweets are devoted to the Bonfire which is kindled as the symbol of the Lord.

Date: Every year Lohri Festival falls on 13th January (according to English Calendar). It is a day before Makar Sankranti (time of Sun entering into Northern Hemisphere), a significant Hindu Festival. In some places Lohri also referred with different names, such as Makar-Sankranti in north India, Pongal in Tamilnadu, Sankranti in Karnataka, Bihu in Assam and Bhogi in Andhra Pradesh.

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