Bikaner Camel Festival

When : 14th to 15th Jan 2017
Location : Bikner, Rajasthan

Bikaner Camel Festival flutters its jubilant wings of festivity and merry- making in the northwestern state of Rajasthan during the month of chilling January in India. This splendid festival is yearly organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture of the state and is purely dedicated to camels that are known as the 'ship of the desert'. The jubilation of this grand festival embraces the city of Bikaner for 1-2 days and attracts a major attention of national as well as international visitors.

Bikaner appears no less than a carnival of beautiful camels that flock the venue in large numbers. The pageant of gorgeous camels marks the beginning of Bikaner festival and adds splendid colours of festivity in the air. Various competitions like camel race, tug- of- war game, camel dance, best adorned camel, best fur cutting contest, etc. are held to add up to the liveliness of the entire fest.

Bikaner Festival

Camel Festival Celebration

To maintain a steady balance of camels’ population, camel- breeding is done in a big exclusive farm located just outside the Bikaner town. Out of the long list of places to visit in Bikaner, Karni Matha Temple and Junagarh Fort are two of the most alluring tourist attractions where rats are considered sacred and thousands of rats are religiously worshipped each day. Every January beautifully adorned and embellished camels are brought to Bikaner for becoming a crucial part of the grandeur that Bikaner Camel Festival scatters all around. Tourists and visitors travel all the way to this beautiful city for experiencing the splendid colours of Camel fest.

Places of interest in Bikaner

1. Junagarh Fort
2. Jain Temple Bhandasar
3. Lalgarh Palace and Museum
4. Shri Laxminath Temple
5. Ganga Singh Museum
6. Prachina Museum
7. Shiv Bari
8. Gajner Palace
9. Sadul Singh Museum
10. Skybird Water Park

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