Desert Festival

Desert Festival simply means the mirror to the Rajasthani culture and tradition which is lively like vibrant colours. A continues celebration for three days when your soul gets one with the soul of Rajasthan.

Amid the golden sand you feel the fragrance of love and a feeling deep in your heart emerges as a sense of belongingness. An unending charm it has which urges you to move toward it.

Location for Desert Festival

It is the grand and famous fort of Jaisalmer which is all set to hold the celebration of the Desert festival, whereas the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation is taking all the responsibilities to organize it successfully.

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Date for Jaisalmer Desert festival

The auspicious Day is Full moon (Purnima) when the event kick starts. If you have dream to witness this grand event which takes place in the beginning of every year in the month of Feb then pack your bag and start to travel Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. And remember that this desert festival is about to start in the mid of February.

Folk Music & Dances of Rajasthan

During the Desert Festival entire Jaisalmer seems to be comprised alone in the campus of Jaisalmer fort. Groups of folk dancers (Gair & fire Dancers) in Ghaghra & Dhoti Kurta accompanied with folk singers who are equipped with local musical instruments sing and express the tale of warriors, lovers, kings & queens of Sand city and Rajasthan.
Wait, as there are some other performers like snake charmers, acrobats and puppeteers amplify the charm of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, too. Try out an amazing sport like Tug of War and test your muscle strength in this power game which is full of fun & enjoyment.

Camel Safari & camel racing

You simply can't avoid Camel riding/racing when the Camel riders try to leave behind their rivals in the competition creating the clouds of sand. Attired in the colourful embellishments these camels look awesome when they run like horses on the festival ground and it creates a truly mesmerizing view.

Blazing Desert Nights

Every night during the festival in the Thar Desert feel likes sizzling event when there are fabulous plays and dances are performed and you don't feel tired and want to see the show go on and on and on... Stay at the royal Camp: It is beyond expression when you rest at one of the royal camp in the festival ground settled in a circle. All the luxuries and comforts once enjoyed by the royal people only are available for you in these camps, too.

For shopping lovers

It is an exact time when you can find a big range of Rajasthani handicrafts, wooden items, fabrics, paintings, jewelleries in the Desert festival ground. You can buy beautiful multicoloured long skirts and odhnis.

Let's have some Food

Don't forget to taste Rajasthani Daal-baati, Gatte ki Sabji and other more famous dishes along with tea served in the clay pot available in the food stalls.
Jaisalmer Desert Festival is totally is a time to live some best moments in your life. Just let your Breath away in the Desert Festival with HI Destination Management Pvt. Ltd.

"All you need to do is relax, enjoy and experience the Incredible India."

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